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Terri Lipsey Scott Success

Striving for success with less

Terri Lipsey Scott is a woman who stands firm on her beliefs. Every action along with every one of her words proves that she´s a passionate and loving person.

Childcare in St. Pete, FL

Childcare: One of the most significant challenges for black families

Tabrisha Ruby, center director of the YWCA Child Development Center in St. Pete, understands what it’s like being a single parent and the challenges that arise from it.

Mantitia Moultrie Scientist posing for the camera

 The scientist/engineer

Manitia Moultrie was three years old when her father took her hand and told her that she would go to college and do great things.

alt= Anita Lewis

  The mentor

Most of Anita Lewis’ clients feel that she often sounds like their mother. Of course, there’s a reason for it.

alt=Tamara Felton-Howard

A woman of law

Tamara Felton-Howard dedicates her life to defending others and assisting them in resolving legal issues. With 20 years working in law and real estate, her work is essential to the black community in St. Pete.

alt= Biracial Dawn Greenidge

Growing up interracial

Dawn Greenidge owns a deep voice and a strong presence that has helped her to flourish in her job as a local realtor. Born in Indianapolis, Ind., she grew up with an African-American father and a Caucasian mother.

Kanika Tomalin

 Kanika Tomalin, the trailblazer

At every step along Dr. Kanika Tomalin’s career, there has been a scarcity of people who looked like her —whether that was an African American or a woman.

Mendee Ligon

Mendee Ligon: Blazing trails in the field of dentistry

Dr. Mendee Ligon arrived in St. Pete in 1980 without imagining that she would become the first African-American female to own a dentistry practice in Pinellas County.

Black Women Work Entrepreneurship

Between poverty and entrepreneurship, black women struggle

In 2012, the Economic Impact of Poverty report for Pinellas County identified south St. Pete an area that occupies about one-third of the city, as one of five high-poverty zones in the county.

Event Planner

 The event planner

Some go out and make the break happen. Such is the case with Tiffany Moore who decided to quit her job in the corporate world at age 38 and open up her own business, Moore Eventful, LLC.

Eva Randall church women

A woman of faith

Eva Randall, 51, grew up in the church. In a particular way with her gestures and how she expresses herself, people can tell she is a woman of faith.

Uhuru House

Health festival and flea market at the Uhuru House

On Saturday, May 6 from 11 to 4 p.m., the Uhuru House, 1245 18th Ave S, will present its first Health Festival and Flea Market under the slogan “End Health and Economic Disparities” in the city.

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