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Directors of The Next Stepp Life Center

2017 MLK Day of Service events

The Next Stepp Life Center on 22nd Street South celebrated their “Keeping Displaced Babies Safe Project,” an initiative to provide baby supplies and help to mothers and fathers in challenging housing situations.

Midtown by Midtown community forum

“Critically and systemically we’ve been given a bill of false goods,” Ashley Green, Labor Organizer at SEIU-FL and Movement Organizer with the Dream Defenders, said about the way that society sees African Americans that express their needs and demand change.

Midtown by Midtown community forum

Group of 12 African-American wives

The courageous wives

Fifty-one years ago 12 African-American police officers made history when they fought for the right to serve and protect their city. A right no white officer has ever had to fight for.

Presenters of the Uhuru Radio Show

Under the slogan of “Our own black media, our own black voices, our own black stories” the African People’s Education and Defense Fund (APEDF) created Black Power 96 a radio by and for the black community with the goal of helping people in Midtown.

Radio for the people

Bishop Leonard on his office

Bishop Leonard: 58 years serving the community

Bishop Preston D.H. Leonard, the living pastor with the longest tenure as minister of a single congregation in the city still remembers when his grandfather, who was a slave for 33 years, told him never to stop learning and working.

Group of Black women during a Midtown Election

Equality. Infrastructure. Employment training. Without a doubt, Midtown women demonstrate that they are aware of the needs of their community. 

Residents want action not promises for Midtown

AJ Ali during his radio show

‘Strait from Da Streets’ with AJ Ali

Originally from New Jersey, broadcaster AJ Ali has made his path in Midtown, St. Petersburg, with the radio show Strait from Da Street.

Cup of coffee, newspaper and laptop

Despite the hundreds of millions spent every year on recycling, this method will work if everyone starts to separate waste. 

Splitting the waste and learning to recycle

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