The mental health counselor

Dr. LaDonna Butler believes in the power of strong African-American women such as the ones she witnessed growing up with her grandmother in south St. Pete. As a young lady, she admired these women, and now she is the target of admiration. 

The school board member

School Board Chair René Flowers is the youngest of 12 children. She grew up in a time when separate was not equal, but children managed to walk away with a top-notch education. 

The chiropractor

Dr. Faye Golden is a medical entrepreneur. She owns the Dove Chiropractic Medicine, Inc. where she offers chiropractic care and provides alternative medicine services for pain management. 

 The entrepreneur

When Annie Tyrell moved her business from 34th Street South to the Deuces (historic 22nd Avenue Corridor), her visibility went through the roof. 

Angela Brown versus the system

What was supposed to be an uneventful Saturday afternoon on June 9, 2007, turned out to be a day Angela Brown would relive over and over again in her mind. 

The leader

With less than 25 years under her belt, Akilé Anai represents many young and politically “woke” millennials and Gen-Xers living in south St. Pete.   

The midwife

Jayda Taylor-Herring always knew she wanted to deliver babies. She dreamed of being an obstetrician as far back as the sixth grade. 

Fighting for equality on all fronts

Nadine Smith represents different communities–all of them exploited throughout history. She’s black, a woman and a lesbian. 

The ‘X-Men’ as a metaphor for life

Ashley Green, 28, has always admired superheroes. She first became captivated by them as she read through her “X-Men” comic books where the epic battles between Professor Xavier and Magneto mesmerized her young mind. 

Helping African-American businesses

There was very little leadership during Tahisia Scantling’s childhood on 13th Avenue and Melrose Street. For a young African-American girl living in a poor neighborhood, having a role model was very challenging. 

 Setting the bar high

The path to becoming a confident teenager started some time ago for Shenyah Ruth, 17, ever since she was one of the few black children in an all-white school. 

 Breaking stereotypes

Five kids, three dads–one young African-American woman. 

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