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Guidedog statue with red and green colors

With $1.5 million, Habitat Pinellas hopes to make a difference in south St. Pete

Shamira Burton’s dream home has a mustard exterior and a purple bedroom. In late April, the mother of two was only a few steps away from achieving that dream: her house was under construction after she bought it with the help of Habitat for Humanity of Pinellas County in St. Pete's Jordan Park neighborhood. View more

Campaign revolutionaries: Two radical candidates hope to shake up St. Pete politics

Eritha “Akile” Cainion, a 20-year-old activist who works as a cashier at a local shoe store, launched her campaign for St. Pete City Council's District 6 seat on March 6 in front of the recently shuttered Midtown Walmart Neighborhood MarketView more

In south St. Pete, a different resistance plays out, panelists say

To honor St. Petersburg's Civil Rights era leaders, a panel discussion “St. Pete 1968 Resistance" focused not on the current response to Trumpism, but on the ever-present challenges African-Americans face in the United States, even in ostensibly progressive cities like St. Petersburg. View more

Poynter forum highlights the fake news problem

Telling the difference between false and real news or something in between can be a real nightmare. It's even harder with the proliferation of information (and misinformation) sources from newspapers, radio, and television to websites, Facebook, Twitter and — why not? — Snapchat. View more

In St. Pete, Kriseman lauds new class of Southeastern Guide Dogs "Superheroes" in effort to raise awareness

The first seven of 50 painted pups in Southeastern Guide Dogs Superheroes on Parade campaign charmed members of the public earlier this week at the Sundial in St. Petersburg. Mayor Rick Kriseman, who himself has raised several guide dogs-in-training for the nonprofit, was there to show his support. View more

In St. Petersburg's Midtown, arts festival helps mark close of Black History Month

Decades ago, the Midtown area of south St. Petersburg, the heart of the city's historically black area, had a flourishing arts, music and entertainment scene. The 22nd Street South District, or The Deuces, functioned as the center of the black community, and businesses like the Manhattan Casino allowed residents to escape from the ever-present racial tension at the time. View more


South Tampa salon has a creative way to help in the fight against heart disease

Everyone has a generous streak. That's why South Tampa's Monaco Salon teamed up with local marketing firm Startup Street to help you help the American Heart Association in a way that's fun and, well, helpful. View more

St. Pete Mayor takes a ride with Coast Bike Share ahead of its official launch

During a 1:06:49-hour ride over a total of 2.38 miles, St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Kriseman led a small group of riders through downtown St. Petersburg, the Warehouse Arts District and the Deuces earlier this week to tout Coast Bike Share, which opens to the public on SaturdayView more


Trump pledge not to roll back LGBT surprises, but equality advocates are wary

Barely two weeks into his presidency, President Donald Trump has turned the world upside down. His election shook the political arena worldwide and his executive orders, including those related to border security, the Dakota Access Pipeline and travel bans seemingly targeting Muslims, have caused protests in the United States and other countries. View more

Walmart, the Trop among concerns at St. Pete's Urban Affairs Summit

The Sunshine City's predominantly African-American south side faces some tough challenges, including poverty, unemployment and five failing schools, Even as other parts of the city experienced a booms has struggled to make gains—and city officials have had a hard time figuring out how to make things better. View more

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